Appetite for Adventure!

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Join series host and seafood enthusiast, Stephanie Harris-Uyidi, for a full season of shows as she travels to exotic locations to take on new adventures and creates fabulous pescatarian meals using local seafood and ingredients. She also does a bit of shopping along the way!

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Cowgirl Lesson and Rockfish Sandwiches in Orange County

Stephanie decides to “cowgirl up” and takes a cowgirl lesson at the Anaheim Saddle Club. Prior to her adventure, she does a bit of shopping at a local boutique for her wardrobe and stops by farmers market for her ingredients. She rounds up some help from her instructor who helps her make grilled rockfish sandwiches.

Rock Climbing and Mahi Mahi Tacos in Malibu

Foregoing celebrity sightseeing, Stephanie rocks out with her instructor and climbs Point Dume, a popular rock-climbing site located in Malibu. She prepares for her adventure with a personalized shopping trip to REI and a quick stop at a local seafood market to buy ingredients for a marvelous meal of mahi mahi tacos.

Flying Trapeze Lesson and Shrimp Fajitas in Las Vegas

In this high-flying episode, Stephanie takes a flying trapeze lesson with one of Las Vegas’ best cirque instructors. After a trip to American Apparel to shop for wardrobe, Whole Foods Market and the new farmers market to shop for ingredients, she makes a Southwestern-inspired meal of shrimp fajitas.

Archery Lesson and Smoked Salmon Wraps in Pasadena

Stephanie takes her love for the story of Robin Hood to an extreme by taking an archery lesson from one Hollywood’s best marksman. After shopping for the perfect outfit and ingredients for the lunch that she’ll make for her instructor, she gets fitted for her bow and the adventure begins!

Brazilian Samba Lesson and Lobster Cocktail in Los Angeles

Stephanie puts years of childhood dance lessons to work and explores the energetic world of Brazilian Samba dancing! After an afternoon of shopping in Downtown Los Angeles for an outfit and fresh lobster, she takes her dance lesson then prepares a decadent meal of lobster & avocado cocktail for her instructor.

Dogsledding and Gourmet Picnic in Banquise Val-des-Lacs, Quebec

Putting aside her childhood fear of dogs, Stephanie takes a dogsledding adventure in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec, Canada. To prepare for the extreme cold environment, she shops at Mountain Equipment Co-Op for her wardrobe. She manages to confront her fear and has the ride of a lifetime!

Ice Fishing in Old Montreal and Fresh Grilled Walleye in Montreal, Canada

After years of successful fishing in the Pacific ocean off California’s west coat, Stephanie decides to try her hand at ice fishing on the frozen St. Lawrence River in Vieux Montréal (Old Montréal). With bold plans to catch a fish for lunch, she shops at Jean-Talon market for the accompanying ingredients.

Posh’s Day Off: Food Tour of Montreal!

After days of taking on wild adventures in the region of Quebec, Stephanie takes a day off to simply enjoy the food and sights of Montréal. But, when she visits beautiful Mont Royal she can’t resist renting a pair of skates and a sled for an afternoon of adventure!

SCUBA Diving in the Sea of Cortez and Roasted Lobster in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Stephanie heads to beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to fulfill a lifelong dream of SCUBA diving in “the world’s aquarium.” After an afternoon of shopping for her swimsuit and taking the PADI Discover Diving exam, she heads out to the Sea of Cortez with her dive team, and later makes and lunch of roasted Caribbean lobster!

Snorkeling with Sea Lions and Mango Habenero Ceviche in Espiritu Santo Island, Mexico

After working up an appetite shopping at a local farmers market, trying on wet suits and diving in one of the world’s most beautiful locations, Catalina Island, Stephanie shows her diving instructor some appreciation by cooking up a fabulous lunch of shark tacos, tropical pico de gallo and a refreshing hibiscus cooler.

Food Tour of Baja Sur, Mexico (Part 1)

After working up an appetite SCUBA diving and snorkeling, Stephanie takes some time off to explore the region’s cuisine in San Jose and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico including a coconut hut, tequila tasting, farm tour, and a visit to a chocolate clam shack.

Food Tour of Baja Sur, Mexico (Part 2)

Part two of Stephanie’s food tour takes her to Templo Restaurant where she cooks with the chef, visits the world famous El Archo, has drinks at Bar Esquina and enjoys several recipes while dining at the chefs table.

Pop Star and Grilled Salmon & Papaya Sandwiches in Orange County

After years of working in the music industry, Stephanie finally records a song of her own song! She shows her vocal coach and audio engineer some love by making sandwiches from their favorite fish, wild salmon. Prior to the recording session, she meets with her stylist to find a new look and prepares the fish at a local beach!

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