Pescatarians eat a plant-based diet that is supplemented with seafood.

Every year thousands of people try their hand at becoming pescatarians.

“How hard can it be? I love sushi!”
“I’m not really into meat anyway.”
“I’ve got to get my cholesterol down.”

These are common sentiments.

The problem is that people transitioning into the lifestyle don’t have a solid source of information to reference and they get lost in the details of day-to-day life.

“How much fish should I eat?”
“Are carbs allowed?”
“What do I make for Thanksgiving dinner?”

Stephanie had some of these same questions during her transition into pescatarianism more than 16-years ago. She spent countless hours researching nutrition and thousands of dollars seeking advice from health and fitness professionals. After years of trial and error, she developed a strategy for living a healthy and vibrant pescatarian lifestyle.

Today Stephanie is a trusted and respected expert on the pescatarian lifestyle. Through her social media channels, she answers questions about her way of eating and fitness routine on a daily basis. As the go-to pescatarian life coach, Stephanie is the best person on the plant to introduce and shepherd newcomers to the lifestyle.

The pescatarian eating style that is promoted in The Posh Life Plan is Mediterranean in principle. The Mayo Clinic calls the Mediterranean diet the “heart-healthy diet,” and it’s considered among the healthiest ways to eat on the planet.

Although there is no single version of the Mediterranean diet, generally speaking, it is a way of eating that includes healthy fats such as olive oil, nuts and seeds, along with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, and dairy products. Fish, poultry and wine are consumed in moderate amounts. The Posh Life Plan diverts from the Mediterranean diet by excluding land animals and includes weekly treat meals.

Healthy living is fundamental to the plan because one of the traps that many people fall into with the pescatarian diet is eating foods that are technically pescatarian but not exactly healthy. Candy and potato chips are meat-free but they shouldn’t be eaten every day. Stephanie focuses on creating a nutritious way of living that includes occasional indulgences that she calls treat meals.

Stephanie’s version of the pescatarian lifestyle encourages a moderate carbohydrate intake, mindful eating, includes weekend treat meals and outlines a 5-1-1 40-minute workout routine that promises to get readers in the best shape ever. This balanced way of life is what gave Stephanie the freedom to feel healthy, energetic, and enthusiastic about life.

The Posh Life Plan provides readers with a step-by-step guide for transitioning into pescatarian lifestyle and comprehensive overview on nutrition including details about macronutrients, good fats, complex carbohydrates and fiber, and heavily promotes meal prepping, practicing mindfulness and daily exercise. The pescatarian lifestyle is about so much more than just food.

The fitness component of the book is supported by an online video series that mirrors the 10 sample workouts included in the book. Each workout can be adjusted to accommodate beginners, advanced and senior exercisers. Stephanie and her trainer, international pro soccer player Adriana Gonzales, perform the workouts in a fun and engaging way.

The Posh Life Plan does not require readers to set goals to reach in two weeks, thirty days, or a year. It offers a holistic, long-term approach to making consistent choices and reaching the ultimate goal: a long, strong, happy, healthy life.

The plan will save people years of frustration and provide the answer to the questions that Stephanie had early on. Chapters provide tips for travel meals, dining out at restaurants & parties, getting through family holidays and managing cravings – things that Stephanie struggled with early on.

The Posh Life Plan is not an all-or-nothing program. It can be used modularly and adapted by readers as needed. What this means is that readers can pick out specific sections of the plan and apply them to their current lifestyle needs. Some of Stephanie’s fans that are long time pescatarians are interested mostly in her fitness routine, others are total recipe hounds and some (the majority) want the entire plan.

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