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Stephanie with 50 Pound Mahi Mahi
Main Dishes

Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos

Fish tacos are a really great way to incorporate fish into your diet. Tacos are versatile and allow guest to customize their meal using any …

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Going Coastal: 200+ Coastally Inspired Seafood Recipes

Q&A with Stephanie Harris-Uyidi on Her New Staycation Worthy Cookbook Going Coastal

Can you hear the waves crashing around you and feel the cool ocean breeze in your hair? That’s just me sending you good vibes and …

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Main Dishes

Lobster Claws with Lemon Infused Ghee

Right around Valentine’s Day, my inbox is flooded with emails requesting lobster recipes. My best advice is to prepare this pricy crustacean as simply as …

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Irish Shepherd's Cod Pie
Main Dishes

Pescatarian Irish Cod Fish Shepherd’s Pie

It should’t surprise you that a dish hailing from Ireland would include potatoes in some fashion. This humble spud is often featured in recipes from …

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Wild Salmon Meatballs

I have several kiddos in my family that really enjoy salmon and are burgeoning pescatarians. In fact, salmon is one of the most popular varieties …

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I’m Stephanie Harris-Uyidi, affectionately known as The Posh Pescatarian. I’m a sustainable seafood enthusiast and love sharing recipes, education, and tips for making incredible pescatarian meals. I am an industry expert and an authoritative voice on the pescatarian lifestyle. When I’m not working on new recipes in my lab (AKA: my kitchen!) I enjoy traveling and learning about people, places and culture through food, ingredients, and cooking techniques. I share some of my experiences on my TV show Appetite for Adventure!


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