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I’m Stephanie Harris-Uyidi, affectionately known as The Posh Pescatarian. For more than 15 years I have been a sustainable seafood enthusiast and love sharing recipes, education, and tips for making incredible pescatarian meals.

I’ve had the pleasure of appearing on national and local television shows to share my passion for the fruits of the sea and the people that bring food our tables. Promoting responsible anglers, fisheries, piscators and companies that focus on keeping our oceans healthy, while serving up quality fish is a big deal for me!


When I’m not working on new recipes in my lab (AKA: my kitchen!) I enjoy traveling and learning about people, places and culture through food, ingredients, and cooking techniques. I share some of my experiences on my TV show Appetite for Adventure! A travel-adventure-cooking series that takes me to some amazing places – Canada, Portugal, Mexico, Spain, Hawaii, Louisiana, Oregon, California and more. The series airs in more than 15 countries and can be seen on airline in-flight entertainment and dozens of hotel in-room channels.


I am an industry expert and an authoritative voice on the pescatarian lifestyle. My deep expertise and unique perspective on the topic of all things seafood make me a sought-after source for national and global publications alike. Other topics that I’m passionate about and experienced with include cooking while traveling, mental health and wellness, and cooking affordable seafood meals.


Supporting like-minded brands through social media collaborations, video production, food photography, and live events are things that I find exciting and thrive on. As a killed recipe developer and food concept creator I’ve advised global companies and startups. Send me a note if you’d like to work together.  

Going Coastal: 200+ Coastally Inspired Seafood Recipes from Around the Globe!

My new book, Going Coastal, is meant to transport you to different parts of the world through sustainable, approachable seafood recipes that feature a host of lively ingredients. It’s a celebration of the coastal regions around the globe. I aimed to cover as much territory and reference as many places as possible. To make searching easy, I’ve broken the recipes up into seven main sections. My reasoning is a bit unconventional, but hear me out. I start with the end in mind with entrées—from there you can build your meal. This is how I typically plan for entertaining; I decide on the main dish and build my menu from there.


-        Entrées

-        Side Dishes and Legumes

-        Soups & Chowders

-        Appetizers and Small Bites

-        Raw Seafood

-        Brunch, Sandwiches and Salads

-        Sauces, Salsas and Spice Blends


You will enjoy the recipes in the Entrées section, which makes up the bulk of the book and is further broken down into seafood types to help you navigate and find what speaks to you! There are boatloads of delectable dishes in this section, like Isle of Capri Lemon Garlic Scampi Pasta, Trinidad & Tobago Curried Shrimp, Galician Navajas (Razor Clams) with Saffron Rice, Icelandic Sea Scallops with Basil Lemon Butter, Cambridge Bay Arctic Char with Creamy Dill Sauce, and about 80 more.


The Side Dishes and Legumes chapter is designed to satisfy all kinds of palates; some recipes are even hearty enough to work as a vegetarian meal and most are kid friendly. Brazilian Feijão, Crispy St. Petersburg Potatoes, Cuban Accaras and Tunisian Vegetable Couscous are a few to look forward to.


You will find the Soups and Chowders in this book to be incredibly flexible and forgiving. I encourage you to get playful and tweak the portions and ingredients when appropriate. Get creative with recipes like Central Coast Wild Salmon & Fresh Corn Chowder, Louisiana Seafood Gumbo and Mexican Halibut Pozole—an extra dash of this or a heavier pinch of that will help make these recipes your own. 


The Appetizers and Small Bites section includes dishes that require a little preparation and some that are pretty much effortless. You’ll relish recipes like English Whelks with Garlic and Basil Lemon Butter, Texas Gulf Shrimp Queso Fundido (Cheese Sauce), Loch Etive Scottish Smoked Trout Pâté, and Tinned Fish recipes like Italian Smoked Clams and White Beans on Toast.


I carved out a Raw Seafood section because this style of cooking has started to gain traction and is one of my favorite ways to enjoy seafood. You’ll find dishes that make great starter options, like Peruvian Shrimp Ceviche and Wild Alaskan Halibut Ceviche with Mango, and more exotic options like Hokkaido Opah Tataki, Tahitian Poisson Cru and Spicy Tuna Poke.


Starting the day with fish is common in places like the American South, Israel, Norway and throughout the Caribbean. Tasty meals like Blackened Snapper & Grits and the Big Sur Dungeness Crab & Avocado Benedict can be found in the Brunch, Sandwich and Salads section along with approachable sandwiches and exotic salads. Tillamook Bay Wild Sockeye Salmon Grilled Cheese and NOLA Oyster ‘Po Boy are coastally inspired comfort foods for the soul.


Sauces, Salsas and Spice Blends range from simple dressings to exotic, chunky salsas. They add flavorful panache to baked, broiled and roasted fish and vegetables. Caribbean Pineapple Chow, Carpinteria Avocado Salsa and Hopkins Village Mango-Avocado Salsa will take you to another world.


Meander through the pages as if you are walking along your favorite beach, or better yet, stick your toes in the sand, thumb through the recipes, and discover your next vacation on a plate.

How I Became The Posh Pescatarian

If you prefer video to reading then please visit my video on my journey to becoming a pescatarian.

Once the fasting period was over, Stephanie slowly began to introduce things back into her diet. Within a week or so she discovered that a plant-based diet supplemented with seafood worked best for her. Thrilled to have found a drug-free solution to her woes, she had no idea that one of her biggest challenges – figuring out what a pescatarian was exactly – awaited.
At the time, information about the pescatarian eating style was scarce and very few people even knew what the term meant. Without a roadmap to help show her the way, Stephanie struggled with the lifestyle change.
Should I eat fish everyday?
Are eggs okay?
How do I survive a turkey-free Thanksgiving?
These and a host of other questions were what Stephanie grappled with and eventually developed answers for with the assistance of health and fitness experts and a mountain of research. Nearly two years into living the pescatarian lifestyle, she finally figured it out.
Stephanie knew that if she struggled with the transition, there were others facing a similar challenge. She was inspired to help and begin teaching on the topic of pescatarianism on YouTube where she provided viewers with cooking lessons and tips on living the pescatarian style. Her audience grew and she learned as much from her fans, as they learned from her.

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